For generations skills have been passed down in my family, most recently my grandad was a carpenter and sculptor, my father a bricklayer and property developer, so I had a very hands on upbringing learning great all round skills.

Despite flirting with spending my life working as an accountant, I always got drawn away and into more hands-on jobs, so while taking a break from accountancy I worked with my dad on several individual property developments, qualifying in carpentry and joinery at the same time.


With a genuine interest in all aspects of running a business, bringing together my interest of working with wood, especially oak, I wanted to learn to fabricate steel in furniture. Why steel? Well I loved the way you could create furniture which was both strong and from a design point of view ascetically pleasing to the eye with a never ending amount of design options. Furniture choices are a statement of your personality and good design makes me smile.

Stoaked was born in 2017 a second child to me when an industrial unit came free and I went all in. By chance a great young fabricator knocked on the door and after a quick chat agreed to teach me to weld, within 2 weeks he was working for me full time so I could concentrate further on growing the business and working on the wood side of the products. Roll forward 5 years and we have expanded to a team of 8 and I still haven’t found time to learn to weld!


My aim is to constantly improve while growing the brand, the team I have now is better than ever, the skills the team have make me very proud as every piece we make is made to the highest standard we can possibly produce.


‘We are delighted to deliver our designs to your homes.’



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